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Always staying one step ahead... 
Why we are Next Level

At Next Level MGA, we're guided by a set of core values that drive everything we do. We're committed to putting people first, whether it's our agencies and agents, the communities we serve, or our team members. Our solutions are high-tech and cutting-edge, but our philosophy is rooted in timeless principles of integrity, accountability, and excellence.

We believe that our values are best expressed through our actions, not just our words. We're quick to communicate, respond, and solve problems and constantly strive to innovate in our thinking, technology, and solutions. We're nimble and adaptable, able to pivot and adjust to changing circumstances without breaking under pressure.

Above all, we're reliable. We know that our agents and agencies count on us to be dependable and determined, even in the most challenging situations. We're the calm during the storm, able to navigate complex situations with poise and professionalism. And we're respected - not just by our agents and agencies, but by the broader National Bail Industry and the communities we serve.

Join the Next Level MGA family today and experience the difference for yourself. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and we're committed to living them out daily through our actions and service to our agents and agencies.


best Contracts & rates

We offer 6-month to 3-year contracts with the Lowest Rates in the Industry with Surety-held BUFs.


Risk management

We work in conjunction with one of the top recovery teams in the nation; offering skip-tracing tools and recovery services at low to no cost to you. We also offer comprehensive monthly risk assessments.


agency support

24/7/365 Agency Support to you for any questions or concerns that might arise. We encourage the hiring process to grow your business. We have dedicated staff to assist in the recruiting and licensing process. 

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